Care Consulting and Training



We are happy to hear from you to discuss how we may help you pursue your dream to start a care home! 

When you call us, we will consult with you for up to 20 minutes at no charge!  You tell us your interests and we will give you the benefit of our advice on your unique opportunity in the care home industry. 

We may then offer consulting, training, manual preparations/revisions, and other services to meet your needs, including a three (3) hour consulting offer (see Consulting).

Personal care homes for the elderly, group homes for the intellectually/developmentally disabled, youth homes, and adult day centers are in high demand now, and will be in higher demand in the future.   Every day, 10,000 people in the U.S. turn 65, and by the year 2030, over 73 million Americans will be aged 65 or older. By 2040, the population of persons aged 80 and older will reach 28 million.   This business and industry is growing and the demand for personal care and care facilities will only increase.

What are Care Homes?
Care homes can be residential homes, commercial facilities, or apartments. Whether they are called personal care homes, group homes for the disabled, youth group homes, assisted living facilities, or adult foster care homes, they are designed to provide 24/7 shelter (except day care), three daily meals, laundry services, grooming help, medication assistance, and help with any activities for daily living.  Other activities may include exercise, religious services, outdoor trips, arts and crafts, and movie nights.

24/7 care home facilities many times are recommended by physicians, family members, social workers, hospital discharge planners, or even the individual. Many individuals having challenges staying home alone are ideal candidates for this program. Many of the individuals may be a danger to themselves. They may be falling, not taking their medication correctly, missing meals, and not bathing;  however, many are energetic, smart, and still desire social interaction with others in a safe, clean, and loving environment. Having home care in a residential environment is an excellent alternative to a nursing home, or larger assisted living facility.

The Licensing Process
The process and steps to open a licensed personal care home to provide home care can be overwhelming, scary, and for many it’s like stepping into unknown territory. Working with someone who has gone through the licensing process in a brief amount of time without errors, can be ideal. Knowing what to do, how to do it, and when to do it is a huge part of passing the compliance test to become a state licensed care facility.

How We Help You
Care Consulting and Training can help you eliminate small and large mistakes. We can help you complete your application correctly, find the right home, get all the forms you need, the policy and procedure manual, and know exactly how to set up your home.  For example, we have standard manuals and offer customized policy and procedure manuals and forms.   We can provide a list of agencies to send you referrals for placement.  We have an emergency evacuation plan, menus and more. Our standard or customized consulting services, manuals, forms, and training help you get licensed no matter which state you live in.  When you work with our company, you hire us to get results.

Avoid Frustration
Stop putting your dream to own a personal care home or group home on hold.  Now you can get the consulting help, information, tools, and documents you need to get licensed.