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Start-2-Finish Consulting Program (S2F):

CCT takes your adult group home or adult day care vision and works with you to complete the licensing application process, including submission of all application materials. One full year of consulting included.

Care Consulting and Training offers the most complete care home licensing package in the industry with the Start-2-Finish Consulting Program. With this program, we work as your assistant and consultant to complete the 3-4 month provider licensing process. We research your specific care home or day care facility opportunity (home type, location, services offered) to advise you on the business opportunity and challenges you will face. This program provides hands-on work, consulting, and coaching for 12 full months from the date of your consulting agreement. CCT will work with you to complete all steps necessary for a successful provider license application submission process.

Steps during the licensing process include:

Pre-license Survey – Survey via phone or video call to prepare for and ensure state compliance.

Research – Will interpret state and federal rules, regulations, and provider application steps and requirements for your specific county, city and state.

Facility Set Up – Will consult, coach, and assist in setting up your residential facility using CCT’s 45 point Inspection Checklist and incorporating your state’s specific rules for facility set-up.

Application – Will complete state licensing application forms, include attachments, a policy and procedure manual, and other required materials related to state and federal compliance.

Training and Marketing – Ability and Visibility are key!   CCT offers 8 hours of training to prepare you for the “back office” realities of operating a residential care facility.  CCT also offers a one hour audio MP3 marketing training course that comes with supporting marketing materials including a brochure, a 41 point marketing plan to get referrals organically, SEO tips, follow up emails, and a training certificate and curriculum to commemorate your training achievements.

Consulting — Twelve months of consulting support via email and phone starting on the date of signed agreement. When you commit to Start-2-Finish, you gain the benefit of CCT’s vast experience as a licensing assistant and gain access to our broader business expertise including:

    • evaluating your business opportunity
    • alerting you to challenges
    • offering industry best practices
    • risk management guidance
    • commercial insurance coverages
    • real estate, financing, and other business guidance,
    • and other valuable insight that can help you succeed.

Other Guidance:

    • Registration of Employer identification number (EIN)
    • Registration of corporation
    • Obtain business license
    • Complete provider licensing application forms and attachments
    • Create floor plan (from your hand drawing and measurements) See Sample of Floor Plan

Consulting Program Materials Include:
1 customized policy and procedure manual
4 weeks of menus
15 operations forms
1 sample resident binder
1 table of content for staff file

Investment: $8,995 (Paid in installments per contract)

Our consulting packages do not include the Medicaid Service Provider enrollment process (needed for  reimbursement of qualified Medicaid expenses); generally, the hands-on work, research, and paperwork are usually complex and very involved.  This service can be purchased separately and is available for an additional fee.  *

Residential Care Home Exploratory Analysis

Are you sure you’re prepared to become a licensed provider?  CCT  will provide up to three hours of consulting and research to answer specific questions:

    • Detail the relevant licensing process: Licensing, Medicaid, zoning, etc.
    • Review state and federal rules and regulations  
    • Understand Cash Reserve requirements.
    • Home choice decision: Elder Care Home, Adult Group Home ID/DD, or Adult Care Facility
    • State, county, municipality requirements, others.
    • Fee:  $300

(*Price will be deducted from subsequent consulting, including S2F!)

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    • Residential care home and adult day care facility consulting packages can be created based on your specific need, or the complexity of the licensing process, which will determine the cost.
    • Every consulting program comes with a detailed, written proposal and agreement.
    • This agreement spells out exactly what you are investing in, the program, products, and services we will deliver with specific start and end dates.


    • Enrollment for Medicaid Provider reimbursement program.
    • Obtaining Medicaid Provider number in your state
    • Fees for State licensing application, business, and incorporation, unless specified in agreement
    • County- and city-specific fees
    • Business plan (if applicable), employee handbooks, resident handbooks
    • Air travel, room, food, and ground transportation — client pays if traveling out of state to facility or outside of normal travel area
    • Price does not cover state or federal requirements over and above what is required in a normal licensing process (such as Human Rights Policy and Procedure manuals).
    • Price does not cover commercial properties.   The prices above are specifically for residential group homes and adult day care facilities.
    • Programs for youth group home facilities.

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