Do you want to start and run a residential care home, group home, or adult day care facility?   Then start with a Blue Print!  With our 8-hour Boot Camp audio classes, you get the proper training you need to know how to run and operate a care home facility.   Learn what to do daily, weekly, monthly and yearly to stay in state compliance.  Know which mistakes to avoid while working with state licensing agencies, families, residents, and staff.  Learn how to handle admissions, medication, resident discharges, and so much more.    Whether it is training to help you get licensed, run and operate your facility, or market and using referral agencies –  CCT delivers results.

The Benefits of Our Training?
You gain immediate knowledge, confidence, understanding,  without the anxiety, fear and frustration of bureaucratic dealings.   Our training is excellent and the feeling of knowing what to do with your new business is ‘priceless.’   We deliver immediate results.

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Care Home Boot Camp – Training – Our 8-hour Boot Camp audio (mp3) training will benefit everyone –  because it gives you exactly what you need to understand the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly ins-and outs of running a residential care facility (also known Assisted Living, Personal Care Home, Group Home, Residential Habilitation, or Adult Foster Care).   Our training covers details on financial management, staffing, schedules, operations, mistakes to avoid, marketing, and so much more.  Our training will give you the confidence, knowledge and know-how to run and operate a 24/7 care home.  This training information is relevant for all 50 states, no matter where licensed and operating.

Financial Information

    • Identifying and quantifying expenses.  Discover useful resources and eliminate wasteful spending in order to free up extra money to build a financial reserve, expand your business, and pay off new and future debts.
    • Steps to repair credit, business tax breaks and benefits, and making the most of your business in order to increase assets.
    • Create an operating budget.  Identify how much you need to operate each week, month, and year.  Learn how to make your budget a living document that is active and will help you to control costs.
    • How to treat your business like a business.  Get the vision to build an enterprise by creating multiple streams of income.  Learn how to create a strategic plan to expand your dream of owning and operating multiple income streams.

Operations Information

    • Why start and open an adult residential care home, adult group home, or adult day care facility?
    • County and federal rules and regulations, and understanding them
    • Hiring of staff, orientation, training, and average staff pay
    • How to market your facility to get clients
    • How much to charge a private pay resident
    • Checklist and process for admitting a new resident
    • Required forms and documents needed for a licensed facility
    • Required assessment and choosing a good fit for your facility
    • How to run and operate your business daily, weekly, monthly, yearly
    • What should happen a week before a resident moves in?
    • What happens during the first 30 days of moving in a new resident?
    • Medication administration management
    • Resources to help owner and resident
    • Being the owner, operator, and boss
    • Mistakes to avoid

Training Includes:

    • Total of 8-Hours of audio training facilitated by the founder, who has experience and expertise in the industry
    • Training handbook in PDF form.
    • 12-month budget in Excel with built in formulas to estimate monthly and annual expenses, and revenue
    • A training certificate for 8-hours of training with the agenda and curriculum

Benefits:  After participating in our boot camp, you will have the tools and skills needed to operate and manage a residential care home facility.  Our boot camp training will provide you with confidence in knowing you can effectively compete with other facilities in your local area.

Investment:  $999

Our Care Home Boot Camp training is INCLUDED when you purchase our Start-2-Finish Consulting Program.

MARKETING TRAINING: Branding, Getting Found, Finding Clients — CCT’s one-hour audio MP3 training teaches you how to brand your business, market your facility “organically” and partner with a diverse network in order to create multiple pipelines of leads and referrals.   We cover over multiple ways to get referrals and potential clients to fill your facility.  This training comes with support materials that will help you market, and follow up with potential lead generating partners and clients. This training is relevant for facilities regardless of where licensed and operating.

What you will learn:
    1. How to brand your business to make the best first impression and stand apart from the competition.
    2. Over 40 ways to get clients “organically” for your business for free or by paying a small fee.
    3. Unique promotions to entice prospective clients to tour your facility.
    4. How to get a potential client to go from touring to moving in.
    5. How to grow your business by utilizing our simple and “realistic” marketing strategies.
    6. The last 20-minutes of the course is a Q&A session with clients from throughout the country. 

Materials include:

    1. A summary of everything covered during training sent directly to you via email or Dropbox.
    2. A sample brochure in printable MS Word format – to distribute as a marketing tool.
    3. A sample follow up email you will send to potential clients or their family members to close the deal.
    4. An overview of how to search engine optimize your website so potential residents find you.
    5. A training certificate and curriculum for 1.25 hours.

If you get licensed and do not know how to get paying residents, you don’t really have a business.  Being told exactly where and how to get clients is what every care home facility owner wants and needs.  Our marketing training is essential to the successful operation of your facility.

Investment for Marketing Training:  $595.

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