Our care home consulting firm is a licensing one-stop shop for the care home industry.  Our founders have personally owned and operated a personal care home for the aging and elderly and a host home for the mentally challenged and developmentally disabled, in their own home. Care Consulting and Training was started to help those with a passion and love for the elderly and disabled to get licensed and fulfill their dream of being licensed providers in the care home industry.

We Understand
Care Consulting and Training understands the ins and outs of starting a residential care home from scratch, operations, rules, and state regulations.   We help you avoid important and costly mistakes in getting licensed and running your facility.  We show you how to stay in compliance and how to get licensed more seamlessly.

Our Goal
Our goal is to help each client get licensed and run a sustainable and profitable business.   We help license care homes in all 50 states and have personally helped hundreds fulfill their dream of owning and operating a care home facility.

We would love to show you or assist you in getting licensed as a care home provider.  Being an owner in the personal care industry is rewarding, inspiring, an excellent way to impact someone’s life, and allows you to make a good living.

We Work Diligently
Care Consulting and Training staff members work diligently to service our clients.  They make sure clients get their questions answered, projects completed, feedback from our office, and calls are responded to in a timely and professional manner.

We provide a full range of support services for new and existing care home providers. We are well versed in the difficult process and procedures that go into operating a residential care home facility. We provide the very best education, training and support services in the industry.

Our Mission
Our consulting firm’s mission is to serve each client as if they are our only client and to meet and exceed each client’s expectations every time.

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