Care Consulting and Training is a one-stop shop for licensing and business start-up in the adult residential care home industry. Our expertise includes consulting with clients to help them from a start-up plan to a licensed, working care home.

We listen to what your goals are for starting an adult residential group home or an adult day care program, identify for you the process to gain licensing, then act as your consultant and advisor, walking you through the entire state licensing process. Our experience in working with state licensing offices, county and local zoning boards, and other entities involved in the process can be invaluable in avoiding delays or bureaucratic hurdles. Start-up expenses and potential problems can be considerable, so start the process with the least cost and stress.

Our founders experience includes owning and operating personal care homes for the elderly and adults diagnosed with an intellectual or developmental disability, in their own home. Care Consulting and Training was started to help those with a passion and love for helping others and their community, to get licensed and fulfill their dream of being certified providers in the residential care home industry.

We Understand
Care Consulting and Training understands the ins and outs of starting a residential care facility from scratch:  from operations, to rules and state regulations, and marketing, too.   We help you avoid costly mistakes in getting licensed and running your facility.  We also provide a full range of support services for new and existing care home providers, including education, training, and support services.

Our Mission
To serve each client as if they are our sole client, and to meet and exceed their expectations, every time.

Our Goal
Our goal is to help each client get licensed and run a sustainable and profitable business.   We help license adult residential care homes and adult day care facilities all across the nation and have personally helped hundreds fulfill their dream of owning and operating their own facilities.

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