Group Home Policies and Procedures Manual (Virginia)


This is a policies and procedures manual for operation of a group home for intellectually or developmentally disabled adults. It was part of an approved license application for a group home in Virginia.

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This is a generic policies and procedures manual for the operation of a group home for intellectually or developmentally disabled adults in the state of Virginia.

Note: This is a generic manual offered at the price listed as is — it has not been customized for any specific provider (including business specifics, optional policies, etc.)  If this is to be submitted as part of a provider license application, it must first be customized. Note that further changes may need to be made to reflect current licensing requirements or other expectations of the licensing agency.

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Delivery: This policies and procedures manual is delivered in PDF as an immediate download.  Contact to receive an editable version in Microsoft Word.

Group Home Policy and Procedure Manual (Virginia)

Table of Contents

General Introduction
1. CSB Prescreening
2. Fiscal Accountability
3. Indemnification
4. Fee Schedule
5. Policy on Funds
Documented financial controls
Surety bond or other assurance
Financial Information Form
6. Building Modifications
7. Weapons Policy
8. Background Checks
9. Job Description
10. Staff Orientation
11. Employee Training and Development
12. Employee Notification of Policy Changes
13. Employee or Contractor Performance Evaluation
Performance Evaluation Form
14. Written Grievance Policy
Grievance Procedure Form
15. Student and Volunteers
16. Risk Management
17. Facility Inspection Checklist Form
18. Serious Incidents/Injuries
19. Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan
Fire Safety Drill Form
20. Access to Telephone Emergencies
Emergency Preparedness Numbers Posted
21. Mission Statement and Service Description
22. Service Description Requirements
23. Daily Schedule of Service Form
24. Provider Staffing Plan
25. Nutrition
Community Participation
26. Daily Nutrition Monitoring Form
27. Monitoring and Evaluation Quality
28 Screening Admission and Referrals
Individual Client Screening Form
29 Assessment Policy
Initial Assessment Form
Comprehensive Assessment Form
30. Individual Services Plan (ISP)
ISP Requirements Form
31. Reassessment and ISP Quarterly Review Form
32. Daily Progress Notes Form
33. Individual’s Orientation
Individual Orientation Form
34. Transition of Individuals
Transfer Form
35. Discharge
Discharge Form
36. Crisis and Emergency Interventions
37. Documenting Crisis Intervention and Emergency Services
Documenting Crisis Intervention and Emergency Services Form
38. Health Care Policy
Fall Assessment Form
Residential or Inpatient Service
Infections Disease Control
Reporting Disease Outbreaks
39. Physical Examination
Individual Physical Examination Form
Emergency (ER) Medical Information Form
40. Medical Equipment
41. Medication Management
42. Behavior Interventions and Supports
Monitoring Behavior Intervention and Supports Form
43. Behavioral Treatment Plan
44. Abuse and Neglect Reporting Form
45. Seclusion and/or Restraint Documentation Form
46. Written Records Management Policy
47. Documentation Policy
48. Client Fact Sheet Form
49. Individual’s Service Record Form
50. Release of Information Form
51. Review Process for Records
52. Record Review Form



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