Home Plus Policies and Procedures Manual (Kansas)


Home Plus Policy and Procedure Manual, Generic – Kansas



This is a generic policy and procedure manual for the operation of a Home Plus facility providing adult, non-medical care in the state of Kansas.

According to Kansas regulation 39-923:

“Home plus” means any residence or facility caring for not more than 12 individuals not related within the third degree of relationship to the operator or owner by blood or marriage unless the resident in need of care is approved for placement by the secretary for children and families, and who, due to functional impairment, needs personal care and may need supervised nursing care to compensate for activities of daily living limitations. The level of care provided to residents shall be determined by preparation of the staff and rules and regulations developed by the Kansas department for aging and disability services. An adult care home may convert a portion of one wing of the facility to a not less than five-bed and not more than 12-bed home plus facility provided that the home plus facility remains separate from the adult care home and each facility must remain contiguous. Any home plus that provides care for more than eight individuals after the effective date of this act shall adjust staffing personnel and resources as necessary to meet residents’ needs in order to maintain the current level of nursing care standards. Personnel of any home plus who provide services for residents with dementia shall be required to take annual dementia care training.

A policy and procedure manual prepared in compliance with the above regulations is required for the operation of a Home Plus facility in Kansas. The manual includes fifteen (15) of the most common facility operations forms.

This manual was accepted as part of a Home Plus license application in early 2018 and includes the Kansas-mandated policies and procedures as well as other policies and procedures that support consistent quality of care, trouble-free operations and sound business practices.

Note: This is a generic manual offered at the price listed as is — it has not been customized for any specific provider (including business specifics, optional policies, etc.)  If this is to be submitted as part of a provider license application, it must first be customized. Note that further changes may need to be made to reflect current licensing requirements or other expectations of the licensing agency.

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Delivery:  This policies and procedures manual is delivered in PDF as an immediate download.  Contact info@careconsultingandtraining.com to receive an editable version in Microsoft Word.

Table of Contents


.01 – Vision and Mission
.02 – Administrative Governing Body
.03 – Service Delivery
.04 – Minimum Staff Qualifications
.05 – Staffing and Training
.06 – Job Descriptions
.07 – Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation
.08 – Complaints and Incidents
.09 – Resident Functional Capacity Screening.
.10 –  Admission, transfer, & discharge rights of residents in adult care homes.
.11 – Quality Management
.12 – Program Schedule
.13 – Medication Policy
.14 – Records Management
.15 – Advance Medical Directive
.16 – Disaster and Emergency Preparedness
.17 –  Infection Control
.18 –  Nutrition
.19 –  Resident Rights
.20 – Special Care: Memory Care
.21 – Negotiated Service Agreement

Facility Operations Forms (15)


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